BD Rhapsody™

Welcome to the complete analysis pipeline for BD Rhapsody™ assays.

We have partnered with BD to provide a cloud solution for the official BD Rhapsody™ Sequence Analysis Pipeline.

This partnership allows you to analyze single-cell multiomics data generated with the BD Rhapsody™ System with the user-friendly features and bioinformatics support provided by the Seven Bridges Genomics Cloud Platform.  All BD Rhapsody™ System’s assays are supported, including whole transcriptome or targeted mRNA, CITE-seq, TCR/BCR, Sample Multiplexing, and ATAC-Seq.

Securely upload sequencing data. Run computationally-intensive analysis in the cloud with a one-click pipeline.  Examine results in a HTML report and download count matrices in formats convenient for downstream analysis.

BD Rhapsody

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Automated Processing Pipeline-1

Automated processing pipeline

Cell label identification, genome alignment, UMI error correction, putative cell determination, and other assay-specific modules  



Count matrices in popular formats – Seurat and Scanpy
Detailed HTML pipeline report with graphs
Assay specific outputs for TCR/BCR or ATAC-Seq
BAM alignment file