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Discussing the future of precision medicine.

Unravelling Cellular Complexity: Exploring 3D Genome Structure and DNA Methylation with the snM3C Pipeline

Understanding the three-dimensional genome architecture is an important feature when analysing gene regulation, particularly in the context of development and disease.
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Four Years, Five Stages: What the FDA's Final Rule on LDTs Means for Complex Molecular Diagnostic Testing

After over a decade-long saga, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published its final rule on La...
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Connected Data & Cloud Compute; The Pre-Requisites for Making the Most of Multi-Modal Tissue Atlases

Why Tissue Atlases? The omics revolution has fundamentally altered our understanding of cellular het...
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Meeting the NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy requirements with community-focused cloud platforms

The Velsera suite of NIH-funded platforms including Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC), BioData Catalyst Po...
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Teaching Introduction to Bioinformatics on the Cancer Genomics Cloud

Velsera is deeply committed to enabling precision medicine not only through accelerating discoveries...
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Highly Customizable Multi-sample Single Cell RNA-Seq Pipeline on the CGC

The reasons and rationale behind single-cell RNA-Seq “To study human biology, we must know our cells...
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Unleashing the Power of Multi-Modal Data: Pioneering Precision Medicine in the Digital Age

In recent years, precision medicine has witnessed remarkable progress, thanks to multi-omics and mul...
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Advancing Alzheimer’s Treatment and Inclusive Research

This month represented an important step forward in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with Eli Li...
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Manifest-based DRS import: A practical solution for cross-dataset analysis to empower translational research

A key challenge in data discovery is the coordination and assembly of datasets spanning multiple fro...
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Unlocking Insights: Accelerating Precision Medicine with Multi-Omics and Collaborative Platforms

I have long been fascinated with data’s power to drive new insights, including developing a deeper u...
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