Clinical Genomics Workspace.

Streamlined end-to-end NGS analysis.

Disease, assay, instrument, and site-agnostic. Our end-to-end analysis and reporting solution streamlines your workflow from run and case level QA/QC review to rapid interpretation of NGS testing results, therapy selection, and clinical trial matching, so you can deliver the most precise medical management at every step of your patient’s journey. 

Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW)

Built for physicians & clinical laboratory professionals.

Speed up your NGS workflow without compromising on quality. Make actionable reports that elevate patient care. The Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW) was purpose-built for physicians and clinical laboratory professionals in oncology and inherited disease to break down barriers to establishing or expanding their NGS testing program. From physician-owned laboratories to large hospitals to reference labs, CGW enables the success of molecular diagnostics experts around the globe.  

The data, technology, and knowledge to bridge it all.

End-to-end management of NGS results for patient care 

Manage secondary and tertiary analysis, review of sequence data quality and variant quality, interpretation, and reporting to an electronic health record system in a single seamless workflow. 

Data-sharing network

Velsera powers medical best practices by connecting clinicians and medical facilities around the world to advance clinical genomics and modernize patient care. 

  • Interpretations from medical director-issued reports from 140+ partner sites across the globe
  • Internally curated, up-to-date associations of biomarkers to diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic impact and clinical trial enrollment opportunities 

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Comprehensive service

With a team of in-house medical and laboratory experts, we assist labs with critical services, including validation, interpretation and medical sign-out, reimbursement strategy, and regulatory compliance.

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Health IT integrations

In addition to powerful interpretation and reporting capabilities, CGW offers   clinical and research systems integration capabilities using messaging standards and standard programming interfaces to streamline the delivery of your results and increase your lab’s data organization and accessibility. CGW integrates seamlessly with:  

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Enterprise data warehouse (EDW)

Actionable clinical reporting.

CGW creates an actionable, customizable clinical report to enable faster patient care. Interpretations are evidence-based from trusted sources, so you can focus on delivering the best therapeutic options and advancing your clinical genomics program.

Velsera CGW Report

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