FastFinder Analysis.

Fastfinder analysis overview

A smarter way from sample to result

Working together to deliver greater reproducibility, efficiency, and accuracy, FastFinder Analysis and Studio optimize your result calling and reporting of qPCR tests and give you full control and versioning for your assay menu’s interpretation rules. 

FastFinder Analysis.

Add intelligence to your analysis.
Add assay interpretation support and result calling automation to any qPCR test in your menu. 

High reproducibly

Make your data analysis SOPs reproducible with a platform that documents, traces, and automates the result calling Instructions for Use. Flexible, scalable, and white-box, FastFinder gives you full control of your LDTs as well as off-the-shelf assays

High efficiency

Optimize efficiency by digitizing your lab. State of the art result calling allows you to outperform cycler software. Accelerate productivity & turnaround times, and avoid errors. 

Minimal error risk

Minimize error risk with real-time QC, full audit trails, analysis automation, and elimination of manual steps.


FastFinder Studio.

Configure assays exactly as needed

FastFinder Studio’s intuitive user interface is built so you can add your own and manage the life cycle of any assay. From simple assays to complex assays with many markers, wells and even plates - integrate specific interpretation rules for any situation, automate the result calling, and track IFUs as they evolve over time.  

Working within the result calling automation and SOP documentation capacities of FastFinder Analysis, FastFinder Studio delivers flexible and efficient interpretation and lifecycle management environment for both RUO and LDT assays.  


Optimize Your Assay Analysis and Configuration.

Contact our professional services team to draw on the expertise of our in-house Analysis and Bioinformatics experts, and learn how FastFinder Analysis and Studio can best advance your goals.

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