FastFinder Insights.

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Unlock Actionable Lab Intelligence

For labs managing multiple assays, sample types, and instruments, gain meaningful insights into efficiency, resource strain, and key lab performance metrics. With standard dashboards, as well as custom reports.

Track key assay metrics

Our visual dashboards let you continuously monitor your lab in real-time, from sample throughput, positivity rates, and QC metrics by assay, to turnaround times,  rate to overall sample volumes, retests, and more. 

QC in real-time

Ongoing instrument and assay performance monitoring identifies trends and issues, speeding up troubleshooting across the entire lab and catching problems before they occur.

Streamline operations

Survey your lab’s operational efficiency as a whole - across runs, assays, instruments, and operators, and even across multiple sites to optimize communication, processes, equipment utilization, and more. 

Know Your Lab on a Deeper Level.

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