FastFinder QC.


Eliminate error. Gain momentum.

Integrated with your result calling and reporting flow, FastFinder QC ensures real-time QC insights into lab turnaround time with quality tracking and visualization tools that significantly reduce the human labor of QC management.  

Track trending QC metrics in real-time with configurable Levey-Jennings charts and Westgard rules built right into your data analysis and interpretation pipeline. 

High standards meet powerful technology.

Full automation

  • Eliminate manual data entry 
  • Effortlessly track QC metrics within your data analysis platform 

Full control over QC

  • Decide which LDT controls get followed up in the QC module 
  • For example, you can separately track the internal control, the extraction control, the negative and positive controls, lot-to-lot variations, and more. 

Built-in industry standards

  • Get notified by automatic Westgard rule alerts 
  • Standardize and monitor the lab's PCR assays and controls with Levey-Jennings charts 

Highly reliable quality management system

  • Developed as a medical device software in an ISO 13485-accredited environment, your lab will comply to international quality standards right out of the box 

Capabilities tailored to clinical diagnostic labs.

Access and apply QC information in real-time

  • Assess the positive control while analyzing a run 
  • Avoid delays from switching software or awaiting reports  
  • Assay Plugins implement QC rules as the assay data is analyzed and processed 
  • Consult lot performance, run statistics, and trends across various QC metrics in real time. 

Analyzing trends over time

  • Define and identify in-control and out-of-control runs to investigate systematic and random variation in the process  
  • Visualize assay, run, lot, and instrument QC 
  • Metrics in a range of easy-to-read plots such as Levey-Jennings Control Charts 
  • Automatically apply Westgard Rules  

Build a robust and informative assay data repository

  • Eliminate human effort needed to curate, process and compile from multiple formats  
  • Save significant time over manual lookups and LIMS extraction 

Control Your Lab With Confidence.

Contact our professional services team to draw on the expertise of our in-house Analysis and Bioinformatics experts, and learn how FastFinder QC can best advance your goals.