Seven Bridges Platform.

The foundation for collaborative data-driven discovery.

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The Seven Bridges Platform is a scalable and highly-secure cloud-based environment that significantly accelerates your team’s ability to leverage biomedical data throughout the drug discovery life cycle from:

  • target identification
  • lead optimization
  • biomarker discovery
  • and clinical trial optimization. 

By providing best-in-class, cloud optimized algorithms along with complete flexibility to bring your proprietary and innovative tools to where the data lives, your teams are empowered to ask the hard questions without doing the heavy lifting. End-to-end reproducibility and collaboration reduce data silos, eliminate IP loss, and enable diverse teams to work together in real time, better. 

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Unified Analysis

Tools, data, and compute power live in a single comprehensive cloud-based environment.

800+ tools & workfows

Connect teams and data to fuel collaborative research and development.

19,000+ users
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Access 150+ data sources and integrate with your own structured and unstructured data.

150+ data sources

Accelerate discoveries by leveraging the largest public datasets and over 800 optimized tools and pipelines.

650,000+ samples run/quarter
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Unified Analysis

Tools, data, and compute power live in a single comprehensive cloud-based environment.

800+ tools & workfows


Living in the cloud, the Seven Bridges Platform seamlessly and securely makes accessible your proprietary as well as population scale public data for co-analyses. Our cloud agnostic solution enables analytics to be brought to the data to greatly increase the speed of analysis and reduce time to results. Robust provenance tracking and data governance ensures detailed auditability and fine-grained access to only those data sets to which a user has the authorization to access, including integration with dbGaP access.   


Easily test hypotheses against vast amounts of public and private data. In silico modeling reveals insights that challenge expectations, and computing power lets you work at the speed of your imagination.


Organize, explore, and empower multi-omics data with out-of-the-box and tailored workflows and algorithms. Streamline research, therapeutic discovery and development, and diagnostic assay development.


Seeing is understanding. The platform opens your team’s eyes to greater analysis with a suite of fully customizable visualization tools, including R Studio and Jupyter labs interactive analysis and an interactive genome browser built for collaborative investigations.

Take Part in Something Bigger.

Our team has built trusted partnerships with prestigious healthcare and bioinformatics
research organizations so that you can leverage some of the world’s largest public (and private) data sets. 

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Results you can trust.

At Velsera, we help maintain your integrity through best-in-class accuracy, scalability, and security standards to make sure that you can do the most with your findings. 

Accuracy > speed

State-of-the-art bioinformatics tools and best-practice pipelines ensure your results are error-free and reproducible. While the platform uses cloud-optimized bioinformatics tools to enable speedy analysis, when tradeoffs between accuracy and speed are required, we always ensure the former.

Scalable infrastructure

Our cloud-agnostic approach provides compute and storage resources that dynamically scale, while monitoring and saving in egress costs.

Security & compliance

We maintain industry leading compliance and regulatory standards.

Explore the Seven Bridges
Platform ecosystem.

Extend the capabilities of our platform with add-on features and tools that can further accelerate and optimize your workflow, analysis, and discovery.

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Ingest, annotate, explore and analyze massive unstructured datasets, enabling at-scale research collaboration in the cloud


Go beyond linear. Shape a better reference with custom graph genomes enabling localization of target discovery for varied (sub)populations


Automate repeatable complex computations to speed up research on newly available datasets

Change the World with a World of Data.

Contact our professional services team to draw on the expertise of our in-house bioinformatics experts, and learn how the Seven Bridges Platform can best advance your goals.

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Ask What’s Possible with Velsera.

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